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$99 First Month and $39.99 monthly Thereafter Saving $720 per year !

All scheduling is conveniently handled directly by you with our professional guidance of over 14 years. Our instructions are thorough and will guide you step by step. Our service is handled by an experienced live person. Under ordinary circumstances a customer (After submiision of the medical questionnaire and the med records), receives an appointment for a face to face consultation with a Physician at the location that is most convenient. Our forms provide detailed information. we utilize our network to provide you a Physician. You will be providing us the answers to our online questionnaire along with a release from you allowing us to provide the Physicians office with any records you may have and assist you in making the first and follow up appointments. It does not matter what your medical need may be ! We have a specialist for you !

How It Works: Although the treatment plan is totally at the discretion of the doctor, in the case where medications(s) is prescribed, the prescription is usually for an initial one month supply. Whether the Physician provides refills, can perform a Telemed refill or eScribe (to the pharmacy) is completely up to the Physician. Most controlled substances will require face to face visits for each prescription.. We will help you at every stage. Depending on policy, State and Federal law another face to face may be required each month or every other month.Your monthly recurring fee includes all our customer service. In many cases we work directly with the office staff to manage customer relations and files which is the reason for the billing policy. The Dr's fees are separate and you can pay the Dr's office using whatever means the respective office accepts.

Getting Started With Your Consult: It is agreed that the medical information provided to us from the client, the customer's regular doctor, and the consulting face to face doctor may be securely utilized for the benefit and convenience of the client. Fill our the New Member Questionnaire, Submit; and follow the directions. It is as simple as that.

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Once the New Member Questionnaire is submitted you will be immediately directed to page 2 which asks for your preference of location, Day and Time. There is a comment section to provide us with any other information or questions you may have. Next you will receive an email with instructions to provide us a release as well as your records

Our home page contains many of the important links but as you naviagte the site you will find the way the pages come together is made for the ease of the member.

In compliance with federal law "Ryan Act", no consultation request will be processed without first completing face to face consultation with one of our network physicians.